Friday, 24 May 2019

PETNA Foundation

The PETNA Foundation undertakes to provide funding to McMaster in relation to its role in the capacity-building initiatives at TAMCC and in accordance with an agreement entered into between McMaster University and PETNA Foundation. 

Our Mission & Vision
We believe that in order to make a significant change in our world, we must directly impact the lives of the people living in the countries and communities that suffer.

The PETNA Foundation uses education as the primary vehicle to make this vision reality. We provide financial assistance to children who have the ability, but not the means, to achieve a higher level of education. By providing financial assistance and access to quality, relevant, secondary, tertiary and post-graduate education, our goal is to help eradicate the poverty of aspiration in developing countries and poor communities around the world.

Communities We Impact
Knowing that we cannot reach all of the world’s poor and underrepresented, The PETNA Foundation’s main focus will be on students and families in developing countries in the Caribbean and Africa, as well as impoverished communities in the United States and Canada.

Although The PETNA Foundation is not considered a faith-based organization, and is therefore not limited to Christian students and families, the roots of The Foundation are based on strong Christian beliefs. Particular effort will be made to assist Christian students and families by partnering with churches, faith-based schools and organizations.

Worldwide, more than 100 million children of elementary school age are not currently enrolled in school.

  • Most of them live in absolute poverty and the majority of them are female. Some studies indicate that by 2015, this number is expected to be as high as 118 million.
  • According to the IMF, by 2025, developing countries will have 80 million more children of primary and secondary school age (typically 6-17 years old) than they have today — an increase of 6 percent to approximately 1.35 billion.
  • Almost half the people in sub-Saharan Africa, the poorest region of Africa, live on less than $1USD per day. This means there are more than 300 million people living on this income and some reports indicate that the numbers are increasing and may exceed 360 million by 2015.

Contact Information
The PETNA Foundation 503(c)(3)  Nonprofit Organization 
4847 Hopyard Road, Suite 4-192
Pleasanton CA 94588

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