Friday, 24 May 2019

Curriculum Committee Activities Report

The Curriculum Committee continues its work on the preparation of documents to guide the quality assurance process at TAMCC. This with the aim of improving the teaching-learning process and ensuring that all our processes are ‘student centered’.

After a successful conference on assessment and a very productive workshop in October last year, the committee had the task to review & prepare the:

  1. Academic Quality Assurance Document
  2. New Programme Proposal Template
  3. A Self Study Template & Self Study Guide and Reporting Structure for New Programmes

The committee worked in teams and remained in contact with MCMU colleagues via emails and Skype meetings. All meetings scheduled as per the Action Plan were held. As the members of the committee worked on the documents we saw a lot of duplication and therefore suggested that we should do two manuals incorporating all documents.

Hence on 23rd February the committee members attended a one day retreat to work on the two manuals namely:

  1. The New Programs Development Manual
  2. The Self Study Guide for TAMCC

Both documents are now drafted and sent to our MCMU colleagues. The final versions will be prepared at the retreat to be held with two colleagues from MCMU during the week of the 26th March, at a three day workshop.

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