Saturday, 23 June 2018

Faculty Social Break Programme

LINCS (Learning and Informing through Networking, Communicating, and Socializing)  is a monthly two-hour forum hosted by TAMCC in an open space on the Tanteen campus. It is open to all faculty and staff of TAMCC. It will be held on fixed date each month. It shall provide a medium where ideas and views on particular issues can be exchanged, and a good opportunity to find inspiration and share experiences and challenges.


Themes should more often promote education innovation and reform and provide general guidelines for a variety of suggestions.

Each meeting will be hosted under a different theme which should be the subject of immediate relevance and interest and should inform and direct the discussions. 

The initial forum will be tailored to address transformation collaboration-specific discussion which is to provide total awareness openness and transparency. It will be hosted under the theme "inform to transform" 


Subsequent forums will take the form of grouped think tank in a non-formal friendly environment. 

What do you think?

Good information at meetings