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Meet The Stakeholders

The PETNA Foundation undertakes to provide funding to McMaster in relation to its role in the capacity-building initiatives at TAMCC and in accordance with an agreement entered into between McMaster University and PETNA Foundation. read more 
The Government of Grenada agrees to provide funding sufficient to cover local costs associated with renewed institutional infrastructure and a new learning commons at TAMCC. read more 
The McMaster University/ MacPherson Institute for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching and Learning has formalize the educational and curriculum development interventions and is leading the transfer of expertise that will help enable TAMCC to build and sustain the program long term. read more 
T.A. Marryshow Community College is a publicly funded institution established to provide tertiary level training in the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. As a national institution benefiting from public funding, the College is dedicated to expanding and enriching educational opportunities for all citizens to enhancing the overall development of the nation. . read more

Latest News

What is the ISW Programme

The ISW programme is a comprehensive teacher development program that serves as the foundation for several professional...

Faculty Social Break Programme

LINCS (Learning and Informing through Networking, Communicating, and Socializing) is a monthly two-hour forum hosted by...

Second Batch Of Lecturers Become ISW-Certified

The T. A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) in collaboration with the PETNA Foundation and McMaster University in Cana...

Virtual Community of Practice

A virtual community of practice between McMaster facilitators and the ten trainers of the ISW continue to meet and offer...

Looking Forward to 2018

Jennifer Fisher-Blaney of McMaster University and David Fleming of TAMCC (Point Persons for the two institutions) are cu...

Meet the Committee Members

  • David Fleming

    David Fleming

    Interim Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs

    Mr Fleming is the TAMCC Lead Person for the transformation collaboration

  • Philomena Cato

    Philomena Cato

    IT Director

    Ms Cato is a co-chair for the Communications committee.

  • Kari Stanislaus-Thomas

    Kari Stanislaus-Thomas

    Acting Records Management Assistant

    Ms Stanislaus-Thomas is a member of our Managers for Change committee.

  • Irwin Abraham

    Irwin Abraham

    Human Resource Manager

    Mr Abraham is a member of the Champions for Change committee.

  • Marlene Finlay

    Marlene Finlay

    Dean - School of Applied Arts & Technology

    Mrs Finlay is a member of the Curriculum committee.

  • Michael Noel

    Michael Noel

    Dean - School Arts, Science & Professional Studies

    Mr Noel is a member of the Curriculum committee.

  • Jennifer Fisher-Blaney

    Jennifer Fisher-Blaney

    Manager - Strategic Initiatives

    Ms Fisher-Blaney is the McMaster University Lead Person for the transformation collaboration

Upcoming Events

06 Jun 2017
10:00AM -
General Meeting
09 Jun 2017
08:00AM -
General Meeting (Carriacou)
22 Aug 2017
ISW Training (Grenada)
29 Aug 2017
LINCS Social
27 Sep 2017
LINCS Social
23 Oct 2017
Curriclum Committee Study Retreat (Canada)
25 Oct 2017
LINCS Social

What we are saying

It is a very enriching and fulfilling experience which further solidifies my purpose as an educator. 
Vanessa Whiteman
ISW Facilitator

What do you think?

Good information at meetings


This has been a learning experience for me. I discovered a lot about TAMCC. I believe everyone wants to see change in the curriculum and we are moving forward with that purpose.

Michael Noel // Curriculum Committee

I believe that progress is synonymous with change, therefore, I see this opportunity that TAMCC has embarked on as progress; a step in the right direction.

Keisha Thompson // Student Engagement Committee